Consensus One Venture Capital Limited Partnership Deed

About this on-line document

This on-line document has been prepared for the benefit of prospective limited partners of the Consensus One Venture Capital Limited Partnership, and is based on the work of Gilbert + Tobin and Freehills on behalf of Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) - see important notice below.

It does not represent the actual deed or its final form as that is subject to negotiation between the parties. Normal Commercial-in-Confidence measures applies.



This document has been prepared by Gilbert + Tobin and Freehills for the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).

A non-exclusive licence to use this document is granted to Investor Members (Venture Capitalists) and to prospective Investor Members attempting to raise their first fund provided they undertake to become an Investor Member of AVCAL as soon as they raise at least $20 million.

The non-exclusive licence allows the licensee to use and copy for its own purposes all or part of this document.

This licence does not grant any ownership right or title in copyright in all or any part of this document and may not be transferred to any person except with the written permission of AVCAL.

Present law reform proposals may, if passed by one or more state legislatures, result in changes to state limited partnership statutes and partnership structures. This document may require amendment to accommodate any changes to state partnership statutes.

This document is based on the provisions of the Partnership Act 1892 (NSW) or the Partnership Act 1958 (Vic). If the venture capital limited partnership is to be formed under the laws of another jurisdiction, this document will require amendment to accommodate differences in those laws.

AVCAL has taken care to ensure that this document accords with industry practices. However, none of AVCAL, Gilbert + Tobin or Freehills should be taken to be providing legal advice. It is recommended that users of this document seek the advice of their professional adviser (solicitor, accountant, investment bank or actuary) before finalising this document.

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