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In June 2000, e-Business Australia launched e-tivity TimeControl, the first of its kind, rentable, business-to- business web application. e-tivity TimeControl creates business efficiencies by empowering executives and managers with the ability to proactively control, track work and time spent against budgets on each and every task performed. Information entered into the system is reflected in real time.

e-tivity TimeControl bridges the gap between timesheets (the time that people actually work) and tasks (the work that people actually do) giving you a clear understanding of productivity. You can finally know that people are focused on high value end tasks, tasks that add most value to your organization. e-tivity TimeControl synchronises your workers, their work and your priorities.  e-tivity TimeControl is also accessible via WAP phones.

e-Business Australia Pty. Ltd.

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All business sectors, including:-

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Tony Clement


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As a B2B eCommerce workplace productivity and organisational control solution, e-tivity TimeControl is new to the ASP category. There is no existing ASP application that controls and tracks work and time. It is a multi-tenanted web application with totally scalable architecture. This is unlike most other applications that are being offered as ASP applications today which are being “webified” by adding browser based client interfaces. This presents a unique advantage for e-Business Australia.

e-tivity TimeControl has broad appeal to vertical industries that are seeking B2B e-commerce services. The potential to reach a wider audience through wireless connections i.e. mobile phones or personal data assistants (PDAs), can revolutionise business processes by significantly enhancing and increasing communications between employer and worker. The collection of transaction data is the first step to adding value through knowledge creation. The key to increasing productivity is to increase the level of knowledge available to the organisation at all levels. Increasing knowledge allows more informed, timely and accurate decisions. Without knowledge we cannot work. Knowledge starts with data. Data is transformed to information, which is transformed to knowledge, which is transformed to work. More work = increased productivity. Therefore more properly collected and used data = more productivity. Data can be collected and disseminated to these new, inexpensive devices while the business processes handling the data resides on centralised robust, sophisticated systems.

The problem to date has been the inability to collect transaction data at the worker level. Typically, organisations have used paper forms to collect transaction data or required expensive, difficult to deploy and maintain traditional computer systems. Software applications designed to facilitate streamlined business processes and operate across PC/PDA and mobile phone platforms through the Internet and wireless communications can revolutionise organisational ability to communicate with workers thereby increasing the interaction with workers and ultimately allowing business to exercise greater control over day-to-day operations and activities.

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e-tivity TimeControl enhances business productivity by significantly enhancing and increasing communications between employer and worker.


The production version of e-tivity TimeControl was released in July 2000. Launch and subsequent deployment has both been within time and budget. Internal profits are increasing and there are currently 65 subscribing organizations (this increases daily). Since July 2000, 8 upgrades have been implemented in a seamless process to end users, using robust business processes and methodologies. All e-Business Australia resources are currently focusing on the ongoing development and deployment of the e-tivity Control Suite. We are currently operating a national sales force.

Our support services include Customer telephone application support, Customer e-mail support, 24/7 emergency application support, on-site support where required.

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User Guidee-tivity TimeControl has been developed with Microsoft DNA architecture. As such it is easily integrated into customers existing technology framework. Ongoing development will extend the features of the core application and provide connectivity to industry leading applications like SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Computer Associates, ACCPAC, MYOB, Quicken, etc.

New ways to use e-tivity TimeControl are being explored by clients. The application is developed in a hierarchical fashion providing ultimate flexibility for subscribing organisations. Client implementation and use is largely dependent on the information the client wants to extract from the system. 

The productivity benefits and improved staff effectiveness of e-tivity TimeControl are still emerging. The core focus of the application is to monitor productivity and time, therefore allowing colleagues to work more effectively and focus on high value end tasks to the organisation. Client profitability will evolve as they become more familiar with the data captured and the power of the information to be gleaned.

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There are a plethora of businesses rushing to become ASPs. Unfortunately, the definition of an ASP is still not clearly understood and there are very few applications that are available for sale as services via the Internet. Existing software vendors are rushing to write “web-enabled” or “webified” front ends or access to their products. While this is a reasonable short-term move, painting a web façade onto an existing legacy application does not deliver the promised potential of the ASP market. e-Business’ e-tivity TimeControl is designed from the ground up for ASPs and can deliver the envisioned economies of scale the ASP market promises – today. Using the same architecture, we are well positioned to develop new applications for broader business use.

e-tivity TimeControl is in production and has recently been expanded to work with non PC platform (i.e. PDA, WAP phones). Further development projects include data exchange with Microsoft Project 2000, and verticalising to meet specific industry needs. Subscribers will receive additional product features at no additional charge.

e-tivity TimeControl is the first product in the e-tivityControl Suite. New products such as e-tivity ExpenseControl, e-tivity MaterialsControl and e-tivity SalesControl will also be sold separately and allow us to maintain a market lead capitalising on different market needs.

e-Business will become a globally competitive software company based in Australia. Through the creation of a new category of software – weblications (web based business applications) designed in function to take advantage of an interconnected world and architected to be delivered by application service providers (ASPs).

Our business model is to develop software for ASPs. The e-Business Partner Program will create a reseller channel comprised of ISPs and specialist organisations like IT resellers, recruitment agencies, associations, etc. to deliver a large membership base. Telcos will be targeted for ASPs. ASP resellers will rent e-tivity TimeControl to their members on a monthly subscription basis. e-Business Australia will collect a wholesale cost on each monthly subscription. The e-Business Partner Program of Resellers, Brokers and Consultants will provide wide, rapid and cost effective market coverage. Consultants will provide end user organisations consulting services which maximise the value and use of e-tivity products. Consultants may also resell e-tivity TimeControl and receive a margin for sales. Resellers and Brokers may also offer Consultants services.

We expect market penetration of 22.7% of total Australian employees accessing the Internet from work by Sept 2002.Australia represents a small percentage of global potential. Short-term goals include expansion to New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and London. We are currently working with Austrade to develop export opportunities.

Other information the judges should know

e-Business Australia is an Australian software development company creating solutions for application service providers (ASP) focused on delivering business-to-business applications via the World Wide Web. Applications developed by e- Business Australia are designed from inception as web applications "weblications" with 100% of their functions accessed through a browser. As a result, customers of e-tivity TimeControl do not need to install or upgrade software. There is no need for servers or additional hardware. Customers only need the ability to run a browser and access to the Internet. As a rentable weblication, customers pay only as they actually use the application, minimising the cost of ownership. As a 100% Australian owned and operated organization, e-Business delivers this new breed of business software which is targeted at improving business processes, control and communications and reducing organisational costs. The functionality, scope and service of e-Business’s weblications were not possible before acceptance of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

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e-tivity TimeControl v1.4

e-Business Australia Pty. Ltd.
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