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Competencies on Target (CoT)


Competencies on Target is an online recruitment and assessment solution that tests specific call centre competencies using a series of simulated customer calls and workplace actions. This technology based solution delivers online reports to management on candidates' workplace skills and training needs.

Competencies on Target reduces resource outlay (internal staff time, external recruitment expense) as it enables time intensive face-to-face selection methods to be limited to later round candidates. Remote testing via online technology increases the pool of applicants and optimises recruitment outcomes. Furthermore, through the self-paced nature of Competencies on Target and the user's ability to access it remotely, CoT offers a flexible alternative to traditional call centre training.

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Competencies on Target has been developed in response to specific challenges in the call centre industry: a growth rate of 25% annually, an industry standard of 19% turnover; the high cost of mandatory up front training - product, system and enterprise specific training is required before an agent can manage a customer call. High growth, high staff turnover and significant training costs make effective recruitment and efficient training a high priority for call centres.


Competencies on Target (CoT) at a glance

Product type

Online recruitment and assessment tool

Target Industry Sectors

All call centre business environments, with specific applications in banking and telecommunications.

Fault tolerance

General consumer

Innovation indicator

Business advantage
Breaking new ground
Expanding horizons
New business
New technology

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Leon Heydenrych
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Performance indicator

Customer support
Standards and codes compliance
Fully supported
Professionally executed
Real world
Beta testing
User benefits
New benchmark

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George Katheklakis
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International potential
Structured for growth
Global design
Identified potential
International collaborators

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Maurizio Floris
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Competencies on Target addresses a range of critical competencies and skills and allows for the assessment of these competencies to be weighted to suit the specific requirements of individual call centre operations. Competencies on Target is an online simulation of the call centre environment. It is designed around a set of product scenarios (e.g. credit card, personal loan) each of which includes simulated calls from customers, and short targeted problem-solving exercises (interjections). These simulated calls and interjections target the key skills and aptitudes of call centre agents.

These key skills and aptitudes are based on call centre agent competencies identified in the document produced by the Telecommunications Industry Training Advisory Board (TITAB), Call Centres - Competency Standards, Assessment Guidelines and Qualifications, Version 6, December 1998. These competencies have been verified in discussions and interviews with call centre managers from a range of industries.

The competencies addressed in Competencies on Target include:


Task and Instructional Analysis

The package is available for users on dial-up level Internet access. The configuration considered as minimum for this package is:

The package is delivered in three parts:

Personal details

Log-in for employees

A log-in allows the system to track candidate scores and make reports and record of assessment available to individuals and team leaders/managers.

Online Application for recruitment
The candidate completes an online application and curriculum vitae. This allows agencies to view applicant information in a standardised and easy to compare format.

System Test
A system test allows the users to verify that they have minimum system requirements.


Simulation of call centre activity

The simulation focuses on customer inquiries about two financial products - a credit card and a personal loan. These situations have been chosen as being familiar to a majority of candidates. The candidate is inducted into the simulated call centre workplace before being asked to take customer calls.

Induction involves participants learning about the screen interface as well as about policy, products and procedures for the fictitious financial call centre. Participants are required to have a note pad to note call details and information.

After a timed period of familiarisation, the participants begin taking calls in the centre. Calls are delivered through streaming audio played through the browser. Participant responses use the screen interface (text, graphics and audio files). The first four customer calls focus on the credit card product and require participants to deal with caller inquiries, complaints and selling opportunities.

Calls are interspersed with small "interjections", which target specific skills and competencies. Participants can be asked to carry out a mathematical task, check records for accuracy, prioritise actions or review the work of a team mate. The interjections stay within the framework of the call centre workplace and all involve realistic tasks and problem solving.


Reporting to management

When used as a recruitment tool, the package advises candidates of the next stage in the recruitment process. A report on each candidate is generated, in Word format and is available online to the prospective employer / recruitment agency in order to carry out the next phase of recruitment. The report structure offers candidate information in various forms.

Candidate's score across a range of key competencies:

Competencies on Target comprises customer calls (credit cards and loans) and workplace interjections. The pool of scenarios and targeted interjections allow customisation to suit specific call centre needs.


Design and Structure

The package is designed for use over the Internet by participants in home, public access as well as in corporate / workplace environments. The tasks involved in the full package take approximately one hour to complete. This is broken down into:

Summary: features of particular relevance within large scale entry-level call centre testing / training program



Training Needs Analysis

Learner Needs / Access Equity

Tests and Practices - key call centre competencies

How does Competencies on Target work?

Step 1: Candidate Information
First, the candidate logs in and records an online resume. Online resume forms a customisable to suit individual organisation needs. After a short system test, the candidate is ready to begin the simulation.


Step 2: Candidate Induction
The candidate learns about SafeBank's vision, customer service policy, products and procedures. The simulation then guides the candidate through a sample customer call to demonstrate how the simulated computer / telephone interface works. The candidate has the opportunity to revisit any or all parts of the induction within a fixed timeframe.


The candidate / customer interface: Product Details


Step 3: The Assessment
After the induction, the candidate answers a series of simulated customer calls from a range of callers. Some customers are just making product enquiries, others are irate about some aspect of their account management. The candidate's decision about how to handle the customer inquiry prompts audio feedback from the customer - e.g. "That sounds great, thanks." or "I don't see how that's going to help me."


Step 4: Interjections
Just as in a normal workday, there are interruptions to the candidate's work - the team leader wants some data entry checked, the social club secretary wants some debts calculated. Like the customer calls, these interruptions (interjections) test critical call centre competencies. Interjections can be tailored to meet specific job and competency requirements.


Intervention assessing basic numeric skills


Step 5: A candidate report is generated
The candidate's progress through the simulation is charted and scored against key call centre competencies. The candidate report describes and charts candidate performance across the targeted competencies and compares the results against other candidates.


Competency Scoring chart



Competencies on Target is the cornerstone of a range of call centre services. CoT is a recruitment and assessment tool, a training solution and a source of key information for benchmarking call centre competencies and analysing training needs.

The real value proposition for CoT is in providing a cost effective alternative to current call centre training & assessment activities, by providing a customised workplace simulation that can be effectively deployed to benchmark & enhance performance.

The table below lists the areas of potential application within a broad range of industries i.e. Telecommunications, Banking, Financial and Teleservices. It also highlights the potential application of our software platform with educators, CRM vendors and system integrators


  Recruiters CC Agents CC Managers HR/CC Consultants Educators Systems Integrators CRM Vendors
Competencies X X X   X    
Product Knowledge   X X     X X
Process & Procedures   X X X   X X
Call Discipline X X X X X    
Call Discipline   X X        
Product Knowledge   X X        
Process & Procedures   X X        
Performance Measurement              


X X X X      

Gap Analysis

X   X X X    
Aptitude X   X   X    
Behaviour X   X X X    



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Competencies on Target (CoT)


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Leon Heydenrych, Director Sales & Marketing

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