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Product Description

TASKey® TEAM is enterprise software that easily handles and integrates many strategies, operational activities, projects, tasks (including where people are spread geographically in different time zones), teams and actions.  TASKey TEAM was developed and validated in the workplace to match how users work naturally and to minimise resistance to implementation.

TASKey TEAM software enables organisations to manage all work through a web browser, allowing departments to coordinate work and focus employees and teams in the achievement of corporate strategy by linking their personal and team actions to the business objectives.

The premise of TASKey TEAM is simple: that employees, when focused on specific business goals and empowered to achieve them, can transform organisational performance. TASKey TEAM connects everyone’s personal ToDo’s (actions) with the strategic and operational level of business to increase work productivity.  Additionally, integrating TASKey TEAM with Microsoft® Outlook allows connection to PDAs and mobile phones.

TASKey TEAM employs a Windows operating environment and MS SQL or ORACLE database.  Users need a minimum of an IE5 browser to access the application.  The application is scalable by simply adding more hardware and operating system software.

For a full listing of the features of TASKey TEAM please go to http://www.taskey.com/Features.htm 

 Product at a glance

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Fault tolerance

Fault tolerant

Innovation indicators

Business Advantage
Breaking new ground
Earth shrinking
Expanding horizons
New Business
New Technology

Performance indicators

Quality system
Enthusiastic customer support
Professionally executed design
Real world design
User benefits
New benchmark

Potential indicators

Designed for international use
Enterprise structured for growth
Identified potential markets
Success in export markets
Success in home markets
Working with international collaborators

Contact for more information

Dr Neil Miller
Managing Director


 041 313 5311


TASKey TEAM may be described as:-

Creating a business advantage (increasing productivity through better coordination)

Breaking new ground   (TASKey TEAM practically links the strategic and operational levels of management to the tactical and personal levels of the organisation)

Earth shrinking potential (providing the structure and coordination required to create and sustain teams [including virtual teams] globally and in different time zones)

New business/service delivery (distributed management decentralises coordination so everyone contributes to management, progress reporting and critical feedback in close to real-time.  This contrasts current models where managers do most of the coordination in their heads)

New technology (the patented distributed management method that underpins TASKey TEAM software is a new management paradigm)

Social change or empowerment of users (by linking individuals and teams to the business objectives, users are focussed on what they can contribute and empowered to decide how they contribute)

The Problem:  Productivity well below potential.  The effectiveness of people working together (work collaboration) directly affects productivity.  People currently use a combination of strategies that are managed in many ways, including: project management tools (such as MS Project); personal organisers and time management tools (such as MS Outlook); personal memory; emails; instant messaging; pen and paper; post-it-notes; hard copy diaries; PDAs, and; white boards, to name but a few.  There is no common structure for effective work collaboration and information flows.

The Innovative Solution:  TASKey has developed and patented (AUST & US Registration 1997) a distributed work collaboration method to drive productivity to new heights. The distributed management method provides a flexible, modular structure that can be dynamically changed to match changing work and team relationships.  TASKey TEAM web software consistently applies this method and matches people's natural collaborative processes to get work done.

The method employed to create personalised contextual views of Task Lists is very innovative.  This keeps users focused and reduces information overload.  The simple method of linking Tasks and Actions (ToDo) is also innovative.

The website includes a number of white papers that expand on many of the innovations in TASKey TEAM. http://www.taskey.com/Dexpapers.htm


Attributes that apply to TASKey TEAM:

Enterprise quality system (TASKey TEAM incorporates standard, time tested  enterprise strength components such as Internet Information Services, Enterprise Services (COM+), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. This results in a stable, consistent and scalable enterprise quality system.

The product includes a comprehensive administrative module for enterprise administration of TASKey TEAM)

Enthusiastic customer support (Customers are increasing the number of licences e.g. Los Alamos National Laboratory in US, Multiplex in Australia plus customers are justifying purchasing outside normally accepted government processes on the basis of TASKey TEAM's unique performance e.g. Harris County Social Services and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in USA)

Professionally executed code (TASKey has minimal support calls from its Australian and global customer base, updates and associated products have been released with negligible problems, plus it has been operating on the Australian Defence National Network for 3 years)

Proof of real world performance (Used by Multiplex for transitional management, Defence Security, and Global Connect (University of California San Diego {UCSD} for coordinating high tech market entry development programs in over six countries)

Real user benefits Integrated management of both actions and task, real-time feedback, increased productivity, plus enhances governance (Evidenced by rapid spread in Australian local government, and use by US companies to coordinating outsourced work to India in real-time. Further information and user stories can be accessed on the TASKey website)

Sets new industry benchmarks (TASKey TEAM employs a new management paradigm that is starting to displace some of the existing management paradigms {such as using project management for general management}) 


The website includes a number of press reports and testimonials that expand on many of the performance attributes of TASKey TEAM.



Potential for TASKey TEAM is:

Designed for international use (The product Graphic User Interface has been designed for international business use of English.  Arrangements have been made to translate the product into selected European languages as patents are granted in root language countries).

Enterprise structured for growth (TASKey TEAM enterprise software is also being employed in an Application Server Provider (ASP) model.  The software has been technologically and methodologically structured for growth into an enterprise-to-enterprise capability).

Identified potential markets (Market testing in Europe has identified Germany (after translation) and the UK as providing the most potential)

Success in export markets (Over the last 14 months, TASKey has been testing the US market to confirm TASKey TEAM’s likelihood of success in the US market (where management methods are generally ahead of Australia).  TASKey TEAM has been purchased by Harris County, Los Alamos, Marketech Corp, SIM2K, Fashional Technologies, Caghill Meats and is currently being trialled by many large organisations, including NASA.  At a recent UCSD Connect Springboard Event, a panel of 12 experts on product market entry (including VCs and Tech Coast Angles) rated TASKey TEAM’s potential to succeed in the US market as 4.1 where 4 was “agree” and 5 “strongly agree”

Success in home markets (TASKey TEAM has been purchased by many Australian companies/organisations including Australian Defence, Multiplex, Fire Control Systems, ACT Government, Dubbo Council, Wellington Alliance Councils).

Working with international collaborators (TASKey has been approached by a large US performance management software company (with many Fortune 100 customers) to provide TASKey TEAM to its clients for project, Task and Team management functions .  In addition, relationships are being developed with US management consulting organisations and Systems Integrators).

Other information the judges should know

TASKey TEAM has a number of add-ons that enhance its introduction and usability.  Add-ons are:

TASKey's Microsoft Project Importer – Imports MS Project files into TEAM and allows Tasks to be restructured into tasks and actions.  Responsibilities, delegations and team membership functions are also facilitated.

TASKey's Report Designer – This allows TASKey TEAM reports to be customised (with the addition of logos etc) and allows new reports to be developed, usually to match existing reports used by a customer.  Additionally, reports that usually take a week to collect the data and develop can be created in seconds using TASKey TEAM.

TASKey's Microsoft Outlook integration   This facilitates a connection between the TASKey TEAM database and MS Exchange to keep the user’s Outlook synchronised with TASKey TEAM actions.  By completing actions in Outlook, TASKey TEAM tasks, projects and strategies are automatically updated.  This means that many users can simply use the tasks in Outlook to interact with TASKey TEAM – which significantly reduces training and user resistance.

Free 30 Day Trial – TASKey employs the ASP to provide potential users with the opportunity to test the full version of TASKey TEAM for 30 days.  The option of a 30 day download of the Enterprise version also provided. Go to http://team.taskey.com/asp/files/default.htm  to sign up for the online trial.

Website:  www.taskey.com 

Dr Neil Miller
Managing Director


 041 313 5311


Suite 4, 61-63 Colbee Court Phillip  ACT  2606

   (02) 6296 1150


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