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Product Description

B-free’s Award Winning product suites are developed on Microsoft’s latest .NET technology.

B-free for Small Business

B-free is specifically developed for small business, and manages their full accounting needs. There's no need for double entry book-keeping, no confusing accounting jargon, and no previous experience required! If customers can access bank statements online, then they can successfully prepare their accounts and BAS submissions quickly and easily using B-free. We also have a non-GST version for non profit organisations wanting to streamline their record keeping and end of year income tax preparation.

B-free For Accountants

Accountants can prepare/review and amend more returns than ever before possible.

B-free allows accountants to download and access their clients’ financial records, at the touch of a button, then sort and categorise their clients’ transactions electronically at lightning speed.

Accountants and clients’ can view their data online at the same time from different locations. Accountants no longer need to chase clients for data or have excess face to face meetings. Offering B-free to clients will free up a professionals accounting time, allowing them to help their clients to better develop their business! Accounting firms become more efficient and more profitable.

B-free Personal 

B-free Personal revolutionises the process of preparing budget reports, reducing the preparation time to 1/10th of the normal time. By simply entering monthly budgets for items such as living expenses and entertainment B-free’s unique system automatically downloads and classifies electronic bank statements allowing budget reports to be prepared literally in minutes.

Some ground-breaking features include:

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B-free Web Based Accounting Software

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Individuals, Small Business, Accounting and Financial sectors

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Quality system
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B-free is an Australian software company, dedicated to the development of innovative, simple and easy to use web based accounting products for small businesses, financial advisors, accountants and employees.

The speed and accuracy of B-free’s 3 product suites is second to none in the world. Currently business owners and employees must manually enter data into excel spreadsheets or complicated accounting software packages. B-free turns traditional accounting on its head!

B-free’s solutions bridge the gap between internet banking and accounting records to virtually eliminate data entry and ensure the accuracy of the end product. Automated transaction recognition systems ensure that individual transactions are identified, categorised, filed and have the correct GST amounts allocated against them. Budgeting becomes a breeze as on-going expenditure is automatically entered and compared to allow effective management. Overall, an operator’s users account preparation time is reduced by up to 90% over conventional or competitively based manual entry accounting products.

Unique Innovations:

 Improved Qualities:


B-free exceeds industry and user expectations. We have testimonials from leading government officials, industry specialists, small businesses, accountants, financial planners and employees. Such as Ian Macfarlane MP and Angela MacRae (previous National Tax Director at CPA Australia, President of the Independent Contractors of Australia and Board Member of the Regulation Taskforce appointed by the Prime Minister and Treasurer).

B-free was the first accounting software company to meet with the then Commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office, Michael Carmody, and complete a beta test with the ATO and small businesses nationally.

B-free has been developed by certified software engineers according to international ISO 9002 standards in ASP.NET using SQL databases. Server configuration is consistent with international security systems along with Checkpoint firewalls and Thawte encryption.

Remote data storage – all customer data is stored remotely from the customers PC, and is protected by some of the same security protocols that the banks utilise for customer transactions and transmission. This provides a safe data storage location, remote from the customers PC which ensures the safety and integrity of that customers important data in the event of a PC crash. This also enables the customers accountant to log in remotely, from anywhere in the world, to manage the clients’ accounts.

Technical Support – B-free software provides a fully supported package, which includes live access via a 1300 number to a Microsoft trained technical support engineer. We also provide customers with training and on-site installation support as required.

Recent significant achievements:

1. Accredited as a Microsoft Certified Partner (going Gold in April 2006)

2. Development partner with MYOB Australia 

3. Listed in the ATO Registered Software Facility having passed all tests for GST / BAS calculation methods

4. Winner of an ‘AusIndustry Innovation Award’ 

5. Winner of high distinction in 2005 My Business Awards

6. Winner of Gold Coast Emerging Business Award 

7. Recipient on AusIndustry’s COMET grant

8. One of only 14 companies invited to present a stand and demonstrate product at the Small Business Summit, chaired by the PM Mr John Howard

9. Official launch chaired by the State Minister for Development and Innovation Mr Tony McGrady

Recent Award wins



B-free is already a mature and successful product in its Australian market space and has significant potential for growth both locally and internationally. This is evident in our plan to launch B-free into North America in April 06. Mr Todd Tapp (ex Head of Strategies for EDS) is taking the senior executive position to introduce and support B-free.

Last year Microsoft’s Banking IT and Sales staff were trained on B-free’s product suite. With Microsoft’s assistance, we plan is to a launch a series of B-free presentations to major banking organisations in mid February.

We see B-free’s initial product offering as being the first tiny step in a revolution that will forever change the way people administer their financial affairs worldwide. Development briefs have been drawn for e-commerce applications, budgeting features, POS modules and WAP versions to name a few.

The software has been written in Visual Basic .NET Microsoft’s latest programming language which is specifically designed for web based applications, and the solution itself is almost totally web based which is a step ahead of all comparable products currently in the marketplace.

The back end management is completely integrated into the software and the website, allowing global changes to be instantly created and distributed. This means that B-free can respond to market innovations very rapidly and keep at the forefront of industry trends. The software process has been protected through the patent process. B-free uses the latest innovations in the banking sector to deliver dramatic time savings and usability improvements.

B-free is in the process of launching products into the USA and UK. The potential for a worldwide market is very realistic given that every small business, financial advisor, accountant and employee everywhere has a need for on-line accounting and budgeting software.

Being on-line has brought the world far closer to B-free. Not only can software be delivered via the internet but billing and receivables become automated since fees are charged by annual subscription. Different versions for different countries are centrally developed and distributed via B-free servers and updates are instantly disseminated.

Other information the judges should know

1. COMET grant from AusIndustry

2. The Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP awarded B-free “in recognition of commitment to business excellence, in particular for innovation in the development of a software package which combines desktop software with web based accounting” 

3. Fuji Xerox My Business Awards 2005 Highly Commended B-free in the ‘Small Business’ and ‘Best Technology in Small Business’ categories

4. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards voted B-free as the “Best Emerging Business” in July 2005

5. Microsoft awarded B-free for “recognising a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services to customers” 

6. The Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards voted B-free as the National Winner for “Best Emerging Business” in December 2005


1. First small business to complete a development project with the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) and approved by the ATO Registered Software Facility

2. Featured on Australia’s international start up CD, hosted by The Hon. Joe Hockey MP

3. Microsoft Certified Partner (going Gold in April 06)

4. Third party developer with MYOB Australia

5. Steve Ballmer CEO Microsoft invited B-free to meet in Sydney to discuss framework to maximise success by providing marketplace differentiation and benefits tailored to improving business performance

6. 1 of 15 businesses selected to exhibit at the National 2005 Small Business Summit; opening dinner with the Prime Minister, John Howard and luncheon with the Federal Labour Leader, Kim Beazley 

7. 1 of 24 businesses selected to exhibit on Microsoft and Queensland Government stands at CEBIT Australia 

8. John Lister AGM Telstra Country Wide featured B-free in the Telstra Country Wide Advisory Board report

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