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The DealPoint™ product from Brilliance fills a large gap in the market for the pricing and risk management of derivatives and structured financial products. Brilliance have identified a massive international opportunity, which is driven by rapidly increasing competitive pressures at the same time as an explosion in the regulations and compliance demands on financial services organisations globally.

The judges were impressed with Deal point’s innovative ability to provide flexibility facilities to market traders whilst supporting compliance with corporate operational/credit risk policies. Achieving some control on the maverick traders at the same time as helping them do their jobs could become a reality!

It was felt that the company merited a Consensus award due its combination of innovation, current performance and massive future potential. With good management and sufficient luck, the company has the ability to achieve explosive growth in this rapidly growing arena and will benefit greatly from the exposure a Consensus award offers.

Product Description

DealPoint™ is a comprehensive trading, pricing and risk management platform for the pricing and risk management of derivatives and structured financial products including single name deals, multi-tranche deals and portfolios across asset classes including Credit, Fixed Income and FX.

DealPoint™ offers clients an unprecedented level of power and flexibility. Through its unique and sophisticated ‘meta data’ architecture and ‘Product Structuring Workbench’ clients can price and manage virtually any financial product across asset classes with both precision and speed.

DealPoint’s advanced architecture using ‘pluggable’ components and ‘meta-data’ design ensures that there is virtually no financial instrument which cannot be priced and managed by DealPoint™ with both precision and speed”

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Contact for more information

Christopher Grant

(02) 9233 7444
0422 614 850


DealPoint™ allows traders, analysts, risk and portfolio managers in financial institutions including banks, hedge funds and asset managers to price and manage the risk of virtually any financial product across asset classes.

DealPoint allows a financial analyst to structure new and complex financial products without any IT involvement - using the DealPoint Product Structuring Workbench.

The ability to price and manage the risk of products across asset classes as well as the ability to easily structure new products is unique in the industry. Other competitive products are restricted to specific asset classes. DealPoint has been able to work across asset classes through the use of its flexible design which allows it to handle virtually any financial product which either exists today or may be structured in the future. In addition, we have partnered with NumeriX Corporation of New York who are providing the analytics engine which together make DealPoint one of the most powerful and flexibility solutions available today.

We have achieved a high degree of flexibility through our advanced technical architecture which includes 3 key elements:

  1. ‘meta-data’ definition of the financial instrument,

  2. Dynamic code generation and compilation

  3. ‘Pluggable’ user interface components to allow the UI to be customized and extended without any IT involvement.

In a market of rapidly changing and complex financial products, financial institutions who can structure and price new products effectively can achieve a significant business advantage.

Derivative transactions have been increasing in both volume and complexity over the past 5 years. Warren Buffett warned that derivative securities are a "mega-catastrophe" and "financial weapons of mass destruction" (Capitalizm Magazine, March 2003).

Therefore, the accurate and timely pricing and risk measurement of derivatives products is essential.


Fundamental to the success of DealPoint is the powerful technical design and architecture which has enabled us to achieve a high degree of flexibility without any loss in performance. As a small team ensuring that we had a sound technical design was fundamental to our success. 

Since the launch of DealPoint in December 2005, market interest has been extremely strong. As testimony to DealPoint’s potential it has now been implemented at the Bank of Montreal in Canada, is currently being implemented at a large European Bank and Moody’s|KMV is now marketing the product.

Recently, Brilliance signed a licensing and distribution agreement with Moody’s|KMV (MKMV) in the USA for MKMV to brand and distribute DealPoint as an MKMV product for the pricing and risk management of corporate loans. This agreement can be attributable to the unique level flexibility provided by DealPoint™.

Brilliance has also formed an alliance with NumeriX Corporation of New York. NumeriX are one of the leading providers of analytics for the pricing and management of derivative and structured products . The combination of DealPoint’s technology platform combined with NumeriX analytics makes DealPoint one of the most powerful pricing platforms available. Brilliance and NumeriX are currently working with a number of hedge funds in the USA to implement DealPoint.


DealPoint has been technically designed for the international market . Key international features include:

DealPoint is targeted at the following markets:

We have had strong interest from US based institutions. The reason for this is the volume of complex derivative products being traded and the continued growth of the hedge fund industry. A lot of current funds have been using Microsoft Excel for their pricing, however, as the funds have grown and the complexity of the trades have increased, they are quickly outgrowing Excel. Further, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced a new ruling in 2006 which requires all hedge funds to have accountable systems and processes. Therefore, Excel is no longer appropriate for trading activities. This ruling is helping fuel the demand for DealPoint in the US. 

Working with major international partners has delivered Brilliance significant opportunities.

Other information the judges should know

The Brilliance team has been developing solutions for the financial markets for over 10 years. We have worked with international banks developing analytic and trading tools. Our clients include major Australian, European, Canadian and US banks and organizations.

Brilliance Software Corporation’s strategy is to continue to build a world class software organization servicing the banking and finance industry.

We came to recognize the need for a flexible platform for pricing, risk management and trading which can be easily customized and maintained by the end user. This need lead to the development of DealPoint.

Christopher Grant

(02) 9233 7444
0422 614 850

Brilliance Software Corporation

Level 9, 28-34 O’Connell Street Sydney 

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