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TrakHealth is a surprisingly flexible and innovative solution to the business problems encountered by many health providers. TrakHealth not only brings information together to satisfy functional requirements but also allows the individual user to tailor the way it is delivered. Perhaps the most important benefit that the solution offers is how quickly an organisation can have the operational electronic Patient Record (ePR ) they are striving for.

Withy successes both in Australia and overseas, this is a top solution in a difficult and competitive marketplace and is well worth serious evaluation.

Product Description

TrakCare is a Web-based, patient-centric healthcare information system used by leading healthcare organisations in a growing number of countries around the world. It is comprised of a comprehensive portfolio of application modules, any of which may be quickly implemented to solve immediate pressing problems, or they can be adopted as an integrated portfolio to serve more expansive needs.

The TrakCare modules are:

TrakCare Clinicals – workbenches and tools for healthcare providers to assist with the safe and efficient provision and documentation of patient care while seamlessly building patient-centric information

TrakCare Patient Administration System (PAS) – the full suite of patient-focused care functions for managing Web-based patient demographic and administrative information for inpatient, outpatient and community care

TrakCare Emergency – blending the full gamut of administrative through clinical functions for the fast-paced emergency environment from triage to admission or discharge

TrakCare Lab – integrates all clinical laboratory functions including biochemistry, immunology, serology, hematology, blood transfusion, cellular pathology and microbiology from common phlebotomy through ePR reported results

TrakCare Community – a rich web-based environment facilitating the continuance of service beyond the confines of inpatient care. Services planned or rendered at the community centre and/or the client's place of residence are viewable via a comprehensive diary-based ePR.

The software’s built-in “FastTrak to ePR” capabilities along with TrakHealth’s proprietary methodology provides exceptionally rapid delivery of Electronic Patient Record benefits, helping institutions achieve better patient care faster. Particularly important in the healthcare field, the resulting TrakCare solution will interoperate with existing legacy systems or even other best-of-breed applications.

Developed in Australia by medical professionals, TrakCare was designed to capture the real world information needs and desires of healthcare professionals. TrakCare’s widespread success – in 2006 it was installed in institutions throughout 25 countries – is proof that its developers continue to achieve that aim. 

 Product at a glance

Product type


Target Industry Sectors


Fault tolerance

Mission critical

Innovation indicators

Creating a business Advantage
Expanding user horizons
Social change or empowerment of users
Improving care for every person by empowering every healthcare professional 

Performance indicators

Enterprise quality system 
Enthusiastic customer support 
Standards and codes compliance 
Exceptional product support 
Professionally executed code 
Proof of real world performance
Successful beta testing – field testing 
Real user benefits
Sets new industry benchmarks

Potential indicators

Agency support
Designed for international use
Enterprise structured for growth
Global design standards
Identified potential markets
Success in home or export markets
Working with international collaborators

Contact for more information

Christine Chapman
(02) 9380 7111


For over a decade, TrakHealth has been a leader in each of the major transformational waves in the advancement of healthcare information systems (HIS), pioneering an integrated HIS system, client/server GUI system and then a Web-based system.

With the recent launch of TrakCare, TrakHealth is bringing unmatched speed-to-benefit in one of the most talked about but most problematic solutions in healthcare – The electronic Patient Record. This breakthrough is achieved through a radically different approach to HIS – the FastTrak to ePR.

TrakCare enables rapid ePR results because:

TrakHealth, an Australian company with global ambitions, architected its solution from day one to serve international markets. TrakCare doesn’t just support multiple languages, but screens can be modified accordingly.

TrakCare delivers exponential improvements to the care of every person and to the effectiveness of every healthcare professional.


Upgrading information technology gives healthcare institutions the way to quickly gain significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of care.

Unfortunately, as promising as the electronic patient record may sound, many have found the journey to be treacherous. At all levels – institutional, regional and national – attempts at comprehensive healthcare information systems that incorporate ePR capabilities have often fallen short of goals, or have been delivered late and over budget. Many attempts have been totally abandoned.

TrakCare has found a strong and loyal niche among customers who need results within months rather than years, and who need to minimise risk, cost and upheaval to their operations.

TrakHealth has a strong culture of customer support. Developing product in Australia, the company quickly understood that to compete internationally it had to offer superior support so that distance from customers was never considered an issue. An interactive online support tool provides a first point of contact for support issues, with further backup provided by regional client services managers and an international network of qualified implementation partners.


Founded in 1991, TrakHealth has been providing a comprehensive HIS solution since 1996. From inception, TrakHealth had global ambitions our technology is already used by a wide range of leading healthcare institutions in 25 countries around the world. Last year’s launch of the TrakCare product promises continued growth and market expansion.

The diversity of successful clients – ranging from leading research and teaching institutions to rural community hospitals – reflects the unique ability of our technology to be easily tailored and adapted to meet individual regional and country healthcare information system requirements.

The global market for TrakCare is growing rapidly and TrakHealth is poised for success. Developed nations with ageing populations and skyrocketing healthcare costs are scrambling to achieve shared, electronic patient data. Developing nations are leapfrogging technology and building state-of-the-art medical institutions. TrakCare’s innovative approach and track record of success is turning heads and recent large deals like NHS Lothian (UK) are enabling Trak to compete on a world-class level.

Internationally, TrakCare has invested in building a well-established network of implementation partners covering selected geographies including Africa, Brazil, China, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East, Spain/Portugal, and Thailand. Conscious of the need to ensure customer success, TrakHealth ensures all partners are equipped with comprehensive support including training, documentation, marketing materials, an online knowledge base, implementation tools, product patches and updates. The partner network provides a highly scalable, lower-risk business model while enabling TrakHealth to focus on its core competency of innovative software development.

In addition, as part of its market expansion program, TrakHealth works closely with leading software vendors (such as InterSystems) to create and carry out mutually-beneficial marketing activities. 

Other information the judges should know

TrakHealth are proud of our international growth and our software innovation that is once again pioneering an evolution in the market for Hospital Information Systems. We are excited about the potential that our software has for saving human lives and containing escalating healthcare costs.




Louise Calleja

Office Manager

(02) 8353 0302



Level 23, 227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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