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Product Description

VisionCPM is a comprehensive commercial property management and corporate real estate software solution designed to meet and exceed the requirements of commercial owners, managers and corporate tenants.

The integrated modules include:

VisionCPM is a client/server application and also has a Web client to provide access to key information via a browser. The Web client can also be accessed via a handheld device - important as property management is by its nature a mobile industry.

Renowned for its ease of use and intuitive user interface, VisionCPM is easy to learn and master, and is backed up by world-class business analysis, customisation and implementation services.

In a competitive market full of multi-nationals, VisionCPM has been chosen by a number of significant corporates, professional commercial property management companies, government departments, non-profit organisations and local authorities in both Australia and New Zealand. See the Performance section for details.

VisionCPM has helped these and many other organisations to streamline the administration of their portfolios, rationalise and make better use of their owned and leased space, achieve much greater visibility over their key assets, and add real value to their bottom line.

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Target Industry Sectors

Food and clothing (retail)

Other - owners, managers or tenants of commercial property and corporate real estate - any industry

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Innovation indicators

Creating a business advantage
Breaking new ground
Earth shrinking potential
Expanding user horizons
New business/service delivery
New technology

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Enterprise quality system
Enthusiastic customer support
Exceptional product support 
Professionally executed code
Proof of real world performance
Real user benefits
Sets new industry benchmarks

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Designed for international use
Enterprise structured for growth
Global design standards
Identified potential markets
Other awards or recognition received
Success in home or export markets
Working with international collaborators

Contact for more information

Mike Dennehy CEO

1800 213 430 Ext 714


VisionCPM has a number of unique properties:

1. It is the only property management solution produced in Australasia that caters for both owned and leased properties in a single database. Technically this is difficult to achieve, because the accounting relationships are complex - in some cases the organisation is both an owner and a tenant, or even sub-tenant of a property.

2. It is the only property management solution produced in Australasia with an advanced Web client, allowing owners, tenants and managers to get real-time access to key property and lease information from any browser.

3. It is the only property management solution produced in Australasia that supports mobile solutions - the Web client can be deployed on a handheld device such as Pocket PC, PDA or cell phone.

4. VisionCPM (and the companion corporate real estate product VisionCRE) have some Microsoft .Net components, and are being rewritten as full Web applications. These will be the only products in the market fully written in .Net and deployed as both browser and desktop applications.


VisionCPM meets and exceeds all required performance criteria. VisionCPM has been successfully implemented in several blue-chip corporates and property-owning companies in both Australia and New Zealand. Our client list includes:

One of the key success factors in the success of our products is our ability to execute large-scale and complex implementations. Our implementation processes are world-class and are designed to minimise business risk to the client (and by consequence to Vision), and to ensure an extremely close fit between the client’s business processes and our solutions.

Vision has demonstrated the ability to compete against multi-national vendors such as PeopleSoft, Manhattan and MRI for large projects, and to win the business. In recent implementations at Westpac Bank and ANZ National Bank, all customisations were delivered on time and with zero defects. In the latter case this was achieved to an extremely tight timeframe.


Based in New Zealand, Vision Software opened an Australian office in Sydney in August 2005. We have since acquired 4 new clients with a strong sales pipeline. While there is still potential in both the New Zealand and Australian markets, there is clear evidence that our value proposition “Cost-effective, highly customised, highly user-friendly commercial property management solutions delivered through the latest technology platform” will be attractive in other markets.

In 2005 Vision explored the Asian market - specifically Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia - and has established a strategic alliance with a provider in the same industry. In January 2006, Vision hosted four International MBA interns from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory (G-Lab). The project was to establish the viability of Vision entering the US market, and to determine the best entry strategy and business plan to exploit our competitive advantage.

Potential future markets also include the United Kingdom and the Middle East, specifically the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, where significant opportunities exist in the commercial property industry.

Having established credibility at Tier 1 level in New Zealand and Australia, Vision’s objective is to scale the business to provide for rapid expansion. Within 12 to 18 months we expect to have a sales office in the US and our first client. Our target market is Tier 1 and Tier 2 corporations in the US with moderate to high corporate real estate costs, and motivation to decrease those costs and improve their return on their real estate assets.

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Mike Dennehy

1800 213 430 Ext 714

Vision Software Limited

Level 1, 201 Maunganui Road
Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

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