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Product Description

Corporate portal and intranet technologies continue to be a vibrant software category estimated at over 2 Billion dollars per annum. Microsoft’s portal and intranet product, SharePoint Portal, is growing faster than any other product in Microsoft's history. 

As corporations roll out portals and intranets ever more widely and major software vendors strive to meet this demand, the result has been a fast evolving market and significant feature and value gaps in the major’ software vendors portal product line ups.

Winapp technology developed and launched echo for SharePoint globally in July 2005 to capitalize on the difficulties larger enterprises encounter managing their portals.

echo for SharePoint helps enterprise customers using Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal product by addressing the following pains:

a. Inability to manage the greater operational and compliance risks associated with running SharePoint intranets and portals at an Enterprise level.

b. Inability to manage and deploy portal changes to physically separate enterprise branches.

c. Difficulty maintaining an up to date portal over a vast number of sites.

echo for SharePoint addresses these pains by adding enterprise management and administrative capabilities to SharePoint that:

1. Allow organizations to easily automate the testing and deployment of portal design changes using structured change management practices, commonly used in IT departments. This minimizes the risks of making bulk changes to an important operational tool.

2. Allows organizations to rapidly and easily deploy design changes to vast numbers of portal sites without disturbing valuable content. This lowers the cost of portal operations in enterprises and delivers a more relevant portal to the organization.

3. Allows portal designers and administrators to deploy portal design changes globally to sophisticated corporate branch networks from a central location.

This allows enterprise SharePoint portal users to scale for by using enterprise branch network designs for maximum benefit. echo for SharePoint relieves administrators of tedious manual updates and significantly reduces the operational costs of any enterprise SharePoint deployment.


Are you tired of  of manual maintaining Microsoft Sharepoint?

Now you can easily replicate changes in bulk with echo for Sharepoint

 Product at a glance

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Target Industry Sectors

Echo for SharePoint 2 is a Horizontal tool

Fault tolerance

Fault tolerant

Innovation indicators

Business Advantage
Breaking new ground

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Enterprise quality system
Enthusiastic customer support
Exceptional product support

Potential indicators

Agency support
Designed for international use
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Contact for more information

Garry Smith

0418 838 939


echo for SharePoint is the only product in the world designed to ease the pain of managing enterprise level SharePoint portal deployments.

Microsoft’s Mike Fitzmaurice, the Senior SharePoint Product Manager says “ at the moment the single most valuable after market tool you need to know about is echo for SharePoint… a must have for SharePoint Administrators and Developers” 

echo has no competition and is being used by the worlds largest private consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton on its 20,000 user deployment, the NASDAQ listed OpenWave technologies, the Australian Department of Transport and Regional services. It is also in evaluation with Lockheed Martin, the UK ministry of defence and the UK National Health Service.

The most interesting example of its innovative capabilities is its use by Seabird explorations. Seabird explorations will use it to replicate design changes from its head office in Oslo, Norway to 7 of its ships completing seismic Marine exploration around the world.


echo for SharePoint can replicate a change to 15,000 sites in 90 minutes.


Current State

Desired State (echo)

Value Adding

Design and Deploy  Portal 

Manual Cumbersome



Hampers Design

Restricts Pilot

Not incremental

Design Budget Driven



Cost Effective

Repeatable and incremental

Superior Portal Design

iterative rollout

More dynamic pilot

Shortened deployment phase

More Rapid Design

Design business driven

Production Maintenance

Difficult to justify cost of change

Manual and error prone

Involves significant production downtime

Changes refused

Portal out of alignment 

Business Continuity Costly

DR Costly

Portal more static

Lower adoption rates


Low cost


Cost Effective



Changes are scheduled for minimum downtime.

Portal is in alignment with business needs

Predictable lower maintenance costs

Longer Portal Shelf Life

Repeatable DR and business continuity Process


ROI for Booz Allen Hamilton Enterprise Deployment

Costs/Benefit Analysis



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

echo Licence and Maintenance Fees





Number of Sites




Estimated Updates




Minutes per site to complete 1 change manually




Total Annual Hours to complete changes




Reduced Operating costs @ $60 per hour




Net Flow




Pay back Period

1 Quarter



Interest Rate 5%


Client Feedback

“Winapp technology’s echo for SharePoint delivers us cost effective operation and maintenance of SharePoint, without it our 2000 plus site deployment would be far more static because it would be too expensive to change it manually.”

Richard Pullinger, General Manager, International Products Supply Group, Nutrimetics

“I just watched the Frontpage Flash demo. All I can say is Wow!!... That's really impressive that you've taken our feedback and integrated it so quickly

Michael Lynch, CIO OpenWave Technologies, Redwood City, California

“Wow, you have saved me hours of work...again.  I now can look forward to finishing some site maintenance issues that I have been putting off. I would be glad to praise the virtues of your product, and rave about the great technical support. .”

Robert Sandoval, Content Management Developer PAE Government Services | PAE Group , LA, California


Please see further unsolicited praise in client staff blogs here,


Winapp has spent the last year launching echo for SharePoint on the world market including 

a. Launching the product by speaking and exhibiting at many SharePoint conferences in Europe and the USA for 6 months.

b. Writing articles for trade magazines.

c. Setting up a US subsidiary.

d. Opening a small branch office in San Francisco and hiring a fulltime west coast sales representative.

e. Signing up echo partners in Switzerland, the UK and the east coast of the USA.

f. Setting up a CRM system to manage the 1000 plus leads that this launch has generated.

echo for SharePoint is currently being seriously evaluated by the world’s largest military, government and private organizations using SharePoint. E.g Honeywell, Pfizer, the US Senate, The US Federal Airports Authority, the Uk Ministry of defence etc

Winapp considers our potential for growth as significant as we increase our sales resources, sign more international partners and engage more opportunities in our sales process.

The launch of Microsoft’s important SharePoint upgrade in September 2006 will also broaden the base of organizations using SharePoint, further enhancing the growth opportunities for Winapp and echo for SharePoint into the future.

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