2013 Consensus Innovation Awards

- Winners Announced !

The 2013 Consensus Innovation Awards were presented by Senator Kate Lundy, Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation on the evening of Tuesday 30th April 2013 in Sydney. They are supported by NZ Trade & Enterprise, Australian Consensus Technology Association and Wholesale Investor. Baxter Patent Attorneys and Mitrais were sponsors. Cliftons kindly hosted the Judging.

The Awards identify the most innovative solutions across all industry sectors including manfacturing, engineering, electronics, health, retail, distribution, education, telecoms, energy, mining and digital media in Australia and New Zealand. They also identify new processes and innovations in Research & Development (R&D).

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CIA Finalists

Senator Kate Lundy (left) with Winners of the 2013 Consensus Innovation Awards

Our thanks go to the Judges that particpated this year.

  - Bert Franzen (Chair)
  - Andy Dong
  - Chris Baxter
  - Christopher Tai
  - Janine Cahill
  - John Toner
  - Joseph Najem
  - Peter Hill
  - Richard Hale
  - Warren French

The 2013 Winners are:

Wastedge.com    www.wastedge.com
from ASPsoftware (NSW)

Wastedge.com brings Cloud, SaaS, Mobile and Mapping technologies together into an integrated suite of web services and mobile software apps to address specific problems across the various operational waste niche segments.

It's already in use in nearly 100 organisations locally and internationally. Wastedge provides an extensive range and depth of functionality not currently available in any competitive web packages locally or internationally:

-   Sales Prospecting CRM, Customer Account Waste Specific Services Pricing
-   Regular Collection Route Scheduling Management
-   Route Mapping & Optimisation, GPS Map Trail Monitoring & Replays
-   Residential Route Planning/Workload-Balancing
-   Casual Skip Hire Jobs and Bin Management
-   Subcontractor Costing Management
-   Ratepayer Services & Complaints

Judges' Citation: "The judging panel is pleased to award ASPsoftware a Consensus Innovation Award for their solution Wastedge.com.

The waste sector, has historically been resistant to the introduction of 'on-road' software solutions and has had difficulty in addressing the many niche requirements that make up the 'industry'.

ASPsoftware has successfully addressed this problem by developing solutions that offer a high level of end-user acceptance. At the same time, their flexible architecture allow them to respond quickly and cost effectively to this rapidly expanding sector, improving the business efficiencies and logistics involved in delivery.

The judging panel were particularly impressed with their innovative approach to the business problem by using simple to use iPad apps with sophisticated back-end cloud-based multi-residency business applications. Congratulations!"

ArmorVox 8.0    www.armorvox.com
from Auraya Systems (ACT)

ArmorVox 8.0 is a core voice biometric engine designed and developed in Australia for high security applications in banking, financial services and Government services worldwide.

Based on Auraya's patented language independent Speaker Adaptive Voice Verification Technology, ArmorVox enables strong identity authentication of users from an analysis of their voice characteristics. Like fingerprints, voices are unique to each individual. ArmorVox uses this fact to determine that a person accessing a secure service (such as a banking or Government services) "are who they say they are", literally!

ArmorVox also eliminates the need for customers to remember complex PINs and passwords to access secure services. Instead, with ArmorVox all a customer need say is their account number (or other information) and ArmorVox determines that this is indeed the account holder saying their account number, as opposed to a fraudster using stolen identity information.

Judges' Citation: "ArmorVox 8.0 has unlimited applications through its global development partners. The way it delivers its technology provides the potential for immediate returns on investment in the areas of fraud reduction and identity theft.

Congratulations on achieving a Consensus Innovation Award. ArmorVox demonstrated high level innovation through its integrated features and functionality and its clever choice of distribution system when faced with an entrenched existing competitor with major market share.

Its method of working closely with partners that understand the unique requirements of local markets enables long term growth and competitive advantage. Strong patent protection, deep knowledge and expertise of the company and its planned innovations for products upgrades means ArmorVox is well placed to maintain its unique position and further capture growing markets and market share."

2013 Highly Commended:

Ultra Cooler    www.a1bestac.com.au
from ORACLE Air Conditioning (NSW)

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems typically account for around 40% of total electricity consumption of buildings. Air-conditioning units are least efficient at high ambient temperatures, when cooling demand is highest. This leads to increase pollution, excessive investment in standby generation capacity, and poor utilization of peaking assets.

The Ultra Cooler is a sustainable solution to reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioned buildings, using an environmentally-friendly cooling system as a key consideration. It has new hybrid chilled-water evaporative cooling technology for HVAC efficiency improvement, which can deliver cooler supply air temperatures than direct evaporative cooling systems, with less humidity.

Other benefits from this system include easy maintenance, easy installation and operation as well as CO2 and other emission reduction. The new air conditioning system can also reduce peak energy demands.

Judges' Citation: "The judges of the Consensus Innovation Awards are pleased to recognise ORACLE Air Conditioning Services Pty Ltd for its "Ultra Cooler System" as "Highly Commended" under both the Consensus Innovation Awards Program and the Consensus GreenTech Awards Program.

The Ultra Cooler System is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system that integrates a chilled water system with a traditional evaporative cooling system to increase thermal comfort. Specifically, the technology cools air and simultaneously decreases humidity in an energy efficient manner to produce an expected energy saving of 52%. Compared with conventional vapour compression air conditioning systems, the Ultra Cooler can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 60%.

Whilst the technology met the Innovation criteria, Judges were not adequately briefed on commercial execution strategy to award ORACLE but wanted to show our support for the project by recognising a commendation."

2013 Finalist:

Vubik: Portfolio Execution & Collaboration Platform    www.vubik.com
from Alinement (NSW)

Vubik represents a new class of enterprise software that offers collaboration support for the end-to-end, portfolio management and execution lifecycle. This holistic approach to change supports the enterprise release lifecycle, not simply the what of portfolio management, but also the who, when and how of portfolio execution and delivery.

What is unique about Vubik is that it supports the Release Matrix construct, more generally termed Collaboration Matrices, that have been shown to cater for multi-party, multi-project (and therefore enterprise-level) environments.

The use of "collaboration matrices" during key points in the SDLC was rigorously explored in Dr. Taborda's PhD thesis which showed that an extension to traditional Configuration and Change Management practices was needed. The research was documented by Dr. Taborda in the book, Enterprise Release Management: Agile Delivery of a Strategic Change Portfolio.

The Aims of the Awards

The Awards exist to reward Innovation in Australian and New Zealand industry including manufacturing, engineering, electronics and other sectors and to grow and strengthen Australia's and New Zealand's contribution to innovation worldwide. Award recognition can be vital in building the credibility and exposure necessary for locally developed technology to break into new markets. The Consensus Innovation Awards have been developed to provide this credibility by using an open and transparent judging process based on the Consensus Model.

Judging Criteria

To achieve a Consensus Innovation Award, the technology must be Australian or New Zealand designed and developed and be judged by the invited panel of judges to be Innovative, deliver performance benefits to the user, and have further potential for product or market development. Entrants are invited to present the evidence to the judging panel first through a written and then by direct presentation. Since each product is assessed directly against the judging criteria there are no categories and the judges may recommend as many or few Awards as they deem to be worthy each year.


Event Date
Nominations Open
February 2013
Nominations Close
Friday 19th April 2013
Judging during the Day
Venue: TBC, Sydney
Tuesday 30th April 2013
Announcements and Presentations in Sydney
Venue: TBC
6pm-10pm, Tuesday 30th April 2013
Post Awards media and distribution of 'Endorsed by Consensus' Certified Trade Marks May / June 2013