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The Consensus Software Awards identify the most innovative software designed and developed in Australia and New Zealand. The Awards are endorsed and supported by Austrade, NZ Trade & Enterprise, the Australian Computer Society and the NZ Computer Society. Bayard Lawyers, Clifton's, TiE and the Alinement Network are Program Partners.

The Awards are judged by a panel of over 40 independent judges who can chose as many or as few Awards as they wish based upon the three main criteria of Innovation, Performance and Potential.

The number of Winners changes each year and each receives a separate citation. The Judges also provide feedback to those that did not win - valuable peer analysis! Over the last years many of our Winners have gone on to perform extremely well in overseas markets. Here are some quotes from previous participants.

"Winning a Consensus Award came at a seminal time for us and really helped us to succeed. I would encourage other Australian software companies to enter and inspire them to greater heights." - Richard White, Eagle Datamation International

"Apart from the more obvious aspects of the Awards such as the nominations, judging and the gala dinner, I really have to say thank you for the way in which you always kept in touch with us, keeping us up to date with news and progress and just saying hello we're still here and thinking about you. You would be amazed at how other awards/conference type events often leave you in a big black hole of non-communication often for weeks, so that you begin to wonder if your initial entry/submission/paper ever moved past the in-tray." - M&S Consultants, NT.

"When we moved into the international market we found that making reference to the fact we were recognised by our home country's leading Awards, this helped open doors - no easy feat for an Australian company trying to cut it in the big cities of New York and London". Tim Birdsall, IBM.