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2019 Awards Presentations

The first round of 2019 Consensus Software Awards were presented on the evening of Thursday 9th May at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) at their presitigious offices at Barangaroo in Sydney. There was one Winner and two Highly Commended locally designed and developed technologies. Page down to see their great solutions with links to their websites.

The second round of Consensus Awards in 2019 will be open from middle of June with Awards presented in early December. See timetable below and if you would like further details, please send us an email.

2017 Awards

The 2019 Consensus Awards Winners with (centre) Julian (Jolly) Day Founder & CEO of Consensus.

Our thanks go to Universal Business School Sydney for hosting the judging, and to the Judges that particpated in the final evaluation:

Bert Franzen (Chair)
Abbass Ghanbary
Peter Oliver
Parames Ghosh
Ali Shariat Kim Lyle
Edward Mandla Greg White
Paul Trunoff Rainer Tietz
Tony Veljancevski

Ed Husic

Judging of the 2019 Consensus Software Awards, hosted by UBSS.

2019 Timetable - 2nd round

Event Date
Nominations Open
Mid June 2019
Nominations Close
End October 2019
Final judging
Venue: TBC
November 2019
Announcements and Presentations in Sydney
Venue: TBC
Early December 2019
Post Awards Media December 2019

2019 Winners & Highly Commended


(Right) Gavin Evans ConnectiX, Winner of a 2019 Consensus Software Awards with Julian Day CEO & Founder of Consensus

2019 Winner:

from ConnectiX Technologies Pty Ltd

ConnectiX is an independent fully integrated supply chain platform, linking work orders across Asset Owners, Operators and Contractors. ConnectiX integration may include: EAM, ERM, supply chain management, work order management, asset management for both external and internal service partners.

ConnectiX is the result of UCLA market analysis of supply chain and its development was supported by the Australian Government. It can be used to integrate with external systems for real-time upload of jobs, automatically assign jobs to resources based on configurable workflow or rules and gain insight into real-time job progress to make more informed decisions.

Judges' Citation: "The Consensus judges were impressed with ConnectiX's well researched process to identify the gap in the market before developing their solution.

ConnectiX's plan to develop forms and workflow into their integration solution not only provides visibility of asset management within a complex supply chain market but potential to help companies to manage compliance in a regulatory environment. Their extension into automated IoT would further extend their market reach".

2019 Highly Commended:


Derek Renouf (left) and Bruce Nixon (right) of Holocentric with Julian Day CEO & Founder of Consensus

from Holocentric

Centro ASSIST powered by Holocentric, is a trusted software as a service (SaaS) provider of compliance management systems, applicable across broad segments for global markets. Compliance is increasing in most markets.

Centro ASSIST solutions allow organisations to operate in a compliant manner. They are currently focusing on Australian social care providers, ensuring staff are working safely within the NDIS and Aged Care markets.

They offer a platform that manages the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and the Aged Care Quality Standards. The innovative system, content and guidance educates and communicates with workers about their compliance obligations.

Judges' Citation: "The judges were impressed with how CENTRO Assist manages the compliance needs for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registration. They were also impressed with the way this software provides policies and processes in a user friendly manner".


Jesse Ford CEO of EncompaaS (left) with Julian Day CEO & Founder of Consensus

from EncompaaS Pty Ltd

EncompasS plans to solve enterprise compliance issues for Boards and CEO’s. It was designed to deliver compliance across on premise and cloud systems, as well as providing a path to help organisations retire content based on policy and automating this at scale.

Traditional approaches with Enterprise Content Management require integration to line of business systems and for people to save their content in to the system. Coupled with the challenge of human effort to go through old data sources, or apply any retention rules to current active content sources with the increasing rate of data created each year, this has become unachievable.

EncompaaS addresses these issues in a defensible, transparent and auditable process, totally governed by the customer through the Information Management Centre.

Judges' Citation: "The judging panel was impressed with the overall business case behind the EncompasS v2.0 solution. We felt that the solution, ensuring regulatory compliance, was innovative and demonstrated significant market potential".

2018 Awards Presentations

The 2018 Consensus Software Awards were presented by The Hon. Zed Seselja, Federal Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs & Innovation on the evening of Wednesday 25th July at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) at their presitigious offices at Barangaroo in Sydney. Attended by an enhusiastic crowd, Award recipients and industry representatives, the evening was a huge success with two highly innovative solutions winning Consensus Software Awards.

Systema        Gravity Consulting

Winners of the 2018 Consensus Software Awards with (right) Senator The Hon Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister Science, Jobs & Innovation and Julian Day CEO Consensus.(Left) The Systema AI Team and (right) Oliver Garside CEO of Rounded Pty Ltd

Our thanks go to BSI (Business Strategies International) for hosting the judging, and to the Judges that particpated in the final evaluation:

Hugh Gyton (Chair)
James Cowie
John Dean
Parames Ghosh
John Katsiris Kim Lyle
Edward Mandla Joseph Najem
Peter Oliver Rainer Tietz
Paul Trunoff Paul Steele
Tony Veljancevski Rick Vosila
Greg White

Ed Husic

Judging of the 2018 Consensus Awards, hosted by BSI.

2017 Awards Presentations

ThreatDefence        Gravity Consulting

Winners of the 2017 Consensus Software Awards with The Hon. Craig Laundy, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation & Scdience. (Left) Zlatko Hristov CEO ThreatDefence Pty Ltd and (right) Stephen Hayes Managing Partner and Kailash Krishnamurthi CEO of Gravity Consulting Pty Ltd

The Awards were presented on Monday 18th December at the presigious offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers, International Towers, Barangaroo. There were two Winners plus two Highly-Commended. Page down to see the Judges Citations.

Our thanks go to The Business School, University of NSW for hosting the judging, and to the Judges that particpated in the final evaluation:

- Paul Cheever (Chair)
- Nicholas Beames
- John Dean
- Edward Mandla
- Mark Hollands
- Paul Trunoff
- Chris van Brugge
- Ali Shariat
- Peter Oliver
- Joseph Najem

2017 Winners:

from ThreatDefence Pty Ltd

The Judges were very impressed with THREATDEFENCE which is a IT security monitoring system that has resolved many issues with the current market offerings. It is able to monitor anything, provides rapid deployment and has many unique features that the current market offerings lack.

ThreatDefence is an Australian made plug&play 1RU hardware appliance that automates threat detection and provides 100% network accountability. Even when a breach is not detected, all events prior, during and after the breach are recorded.

It provides a single page view of entire organization, checking HR systems, inspecting all internet traversing IP addresses and correlate with Intel and signatures, monitoring control effectiveness on firewalls, routers, switches, Windows, Linux etc. This provides comprehensive assurance on existing control effectiveness by looking at the "wire", not policy.

This is all provided in one browser page, with intuitive drill-through visualisations, big data storage and search, top cyber-hunting and sensoring tools, plus an arsenal of tools from regulatory compliance to honeypots.

It takes just one hour for network engineers to prepare the environment for monitoring, not months in time and consultants. The Judges were impressed with ThreatDefence's ASX listed clients and the fact that 100% retention rate of clients since its launch. The Judges also felt that ThreatDefence has a very high potential on the world-wide stage as it fills a gap not addressed by existing vendors.

from Gravity Consulting Pty Ltd

Judges said software developed for StrategyDotZero by Gravity to monitor in real-time the impact of an enterprise strategy was ground-breaking.

It addressed the management challenge to align business performance with real-time data to assess and modify strategic purpose. This was achieved with a Cloud-based solution that used artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver executive dashboards.

The quality of the software and interface - coupled with Gravity's existing and proven management methodology - represented a valuable innovation that has global potential.

Gravity management articulated a strong commercial strategy that demonstrated total commitment to this innovation. The support of its software partner, Microsoft, and existing implementations within government departments validated the quality of StrategyDotZero and were predictors of future success.

2017 Highly-Commended:

from Pax Republic Pty Ltd

The judges are impressed by PAX Republic's innovative combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported analysis and report generation capabilities in their C-Sight software product. It was designed to provide a tool by which senior management are able canvas staff opinions and knowledge in a safe, supportive environment without fear of retribution. It was built using a range of proven technology and software products, and has been used in a number of pilot projects including one involving 650 participants.

The software provides an AI-NLP/human moderated platform to allow large on-line conversations within an organization of hundreds and potentially thousands of participants, giving each person an equal voice as well as a providing anonymity which encourages honest and free expression of their thoughts.

The electronic analysis of the raw data which could take a human several weeks can be done in hours with increased accuracy. The benefits to management are a more accurate and timely report at reduced cost due to reduced man-hours requirement.

The Judges felt that the current marketing planning for C-Sight was too highly focused around risk mitigation aimed at company failures or misconduct associated with poor internal culture or governance processes. The software would be useful for monitoring work place attitudes for a much wider range of situations (i.e. persistent high staff turnover, poor customer relations feedback, etc.).

PAX Republic made it clear they are still in the early stage of creating their marketing strategy so the Judges were keen to see how it might develop in the future, especially as they continue to run the software with larger participant pools.

Device Management System
from Wearify Pty Ltd

Wearify is operating in the "Smart Wearables" sector which to date has developed primarily around activity-tracking functionality. At the same time, contactless identification through chip-based cards has expanded across multiple applications from payments, to transport, to facilities access, to general identification. More recently, mobile -based digital identification systems have been introduced such as Apple Pay or Optus Pay (the latter built by Wearify).

The Wearify device is sufficiently miniaturised to be incorporated into existing wrist-based wearables (watches, fitness bands) or to take the form of a wristwatch strap or a clip-on. The device is self-powered, with a long battery life, and functions in connection with a dedicated app on the user's smartphone. Most importantly, it has the capacity to support multiple identification authorities eliminating the need for users to carry the multiple cards (debit/credit, Opal/Myki, Medicare/health, loyalty, membership, building access, etc) that are required for digital convenience today.

The judges considered the Wearify vision and its assembly of technologies is innovative and addresses a potentially large global market opportunity. However, the judges also observed that Wearify will be seeking in practice to establish itself as the Global Standard for these protocols. In light of this, it will face acceptance-hurdles and significant vested interests and competitors.

The judges found themselves uncertain as to how Wearify planned to achieve this and how they would establish the relationships to facilitate this achievement. This market acceptance is made more challenging by the limited level of contactless infrastructure in many parts of the world, in contrast to Australia which has among the highest level of such infrastructure in place.

The Judges' decision was to award Wearify a Highly Commended Award. Wearify is to be encouraged to come back when it has more perspective on its market entry challenges.

2016 Awards Presentations

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Ed Husic

The Team from Benchmark Estimating Software took out the 2016 Consensus Software Awards.

The 2016 Consensus Awards were presented by The Hon. Ed Husic MP, Member for Chifley, Shadow Spokesperson for Digital Innovation and Startups on the evening of Tuesday 14th June at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel in Sydney. There was one Winner and one Highly-Commended.

2016 Winner:

Benchmark Estimating Software
from Benchmark Global

Benchmark Estimating Software is a unique estimating and bidding software package developed to provide a complete front-end business solution which solves many of the problems and issues faced in many industries.  

It is the first estimating package developed with the unique objective of being suited to the global market. In Australia, the largest competitors provide packages that are suitable only for the Australian market, whilst those in the US, the biggest estimator software packages, focus on the US market. This is also the case in the UK and Europe.  

The product is flexible and easy-to-use and includes estimating, quoting, marketing, progress claims (valuations), variations and project reporting which allows users to streamline and simplify their cost estimating processes and significantly improve the consistency and accuracy of their quoting process.

Judges' Citation: "The judges were impressed with Benchmark's innovative combination of estimation rules, process templates and data sets to create an intuitive application for estimating a wide range of different types of jobs. The flexible nature of the design allows the software to be easily adapted to a wide range of uses.

The functionality has allowed Benchmark to move into the specialised area of Asphalting where they now service over 90% of the Australian industry. The asphalt business has also provided the company with an entry into Europe with the Colas group in France. Through Colas the software has been spread to a number of other European nations. Benchmark is currently used by more than 3000 users in over 20 countries and has been translated into 8 different languages.  

The adaptability of the solution that so impressed the judges has greatly expanded the range of businesses that are using Benchmark, including Telecommunications and Aviation.

2016 Highly Commended:

from Cronus Group

Cronus SmartSYS™ is a cloud based Business Reporting Analytics and Diagnostic Tool that enables Corporate Business Decision Makers to combine financial, with correlated non-financial quantitative information, from their business units with potentially different account systems in different currencies across different borders into a single system. The software simplifies this consolidation process to create customizable reports for the business – even down to individual business units.  

It also functions as an Executive Information System in that it specifically provides the CFO function with relevant reporting requirements.  

These reports enable Directors/Executives to scrutinise performance and drill down to locate the prime source of the problems. It enables them to instantly analyse or diagnose the whole or part of the business, identify poor performance, inefficiencies and risks to the business.

Judges' Citation: "SmartSYSTM is a product in phase 1 development and is well underway. The directors have a clear trajectory for the future development of the product. Unfortunately however the judging panel was unable to make an award but are happy to Highly Commend the product.

For the Judges to make an award we would have liked to have seen a higher level presentation focused on go to market strategies, a cohesive pricing policy and expert relationships in place to both finance the future development of the product and reseller potential.

2014 Awards Presentations

CSA Finalists

Sen. Sinodinos celebrates with Winners and Highly Commended recipients of the Awards.

The previous Consensus Software Awards were presented by Senator The Hon. Arthur Sinodinos, Senator for NSW. The Awards were hosted by The University of Sydney in the new Charles Perkins Centre, itself a Winner in the Consensus Innovation Awards.

The Awards identify the most innovative software in Australia and New Zealand. They are endorsed and supported by Australian Consensus Technology Association, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Wholesale Investor and TiE.

If you would like to receive an Entry Form for the next set of Awards or recieve any further information, please send us an email.

Please page down to see the winners of the previous Consensus Software Awards. You can click below on previous years and above on Previous Winners since 1999.

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Our thanks go to the Judges that particpated this year in the final judging panels. They are (Front left to right) Janine Cahill, Kim Klye, Robin Wall, Will Horton, Ray David, Rainer Tietz, (Back left to right) Brian Dorricott, Julian Dimbleby, Paul Cheever, Gerard McMullan, Chris Payne, Bert Franzen.

CSA Finalists

The 2014 Winners are:

from Centium Software Pty Limited

EventsAIR is a powerful cloud-based meeting management solution for all types of meetings and events. Intuitive and easy to use, EventsAIR features real-time data, analytics, online development tools, travel/hotel management, communication tools, and mobile apps for attendees and organisers.

EventsAIR is an end-to-end solution developed by and for event professionals and is optimised for international use.

The secure cloud environment is integrated in Microsoft Azure's cloud and is extremely robust and secure. In fact, EventsAIR is PCI V3 level one compliant and includes a secure credit card vault for added data and ecommerce security.

Judges' Citation: "Centium Software is the very essence of Australian software entrepreneurship. Having already received a Consensus Award in 2012 for its GuestPoint accommodation management software, Centium was not prepared to put its creative ingenuity back on the shelf.

Centium has now created an innovative, world leading event management software system EventsAir which is being eagerly accepted by event managers globally. Within the first six months of release the EventsAir system already has dozens of customers. In a $5.65 billion market place the global potential for the EventsAir solution is almost unlimited, and Centium has courageously targeted becoming the number two supplier globally within the short to medium term.

There are a host of innovations within the new cloud-based EventsAir solution, at multiple levels, including both the user interface and the underlying technology. Customisable apps for both for both the end-users and the organisers is a major innovation at the user interface level, while a very creative design enables the exploitation of the Microsoft Azure capability to achieve a dramatically scalable solution.

An extremely flexible pricing strategy complements the final solution, one which Microsoft itself has show-cased globally, ultimately delivering the highest level of performance in a system that event organisers are longing for.

The judges were unanimous in conferring a Consensus Award to Centium and we look forward to watching EventsAir growing global success."

from eBMS Pty Limited

The eBMS platform, now called Nimblex, is a cloud based business management system that wraps around every organisation's specific needs. The technology comprises of a framework much like 'play dough' that enables us to successfully automate and configure any type of process and allow for continuous adjustments as the organisation's needs change.

We offer a unified system that enables users to leave all their paper and spreadsheet type registers behind and specialise in taking core organisational wide business processes and converting them into efficient and cost effective browser accessible systems. This enables businesses to work more effectively with having systems available anywhere at any time.

Judges' Citation: "The judges were impressed with the innovative way that eBMS has developed their Nimblex platform which may be described as a data management system on steroids. Despite being very powerful, the user experience allows custom-designed systems to be created by decision makers to suit their way of working.

Typical Nimblex customers have attempted to automate their internal systems using GoogleDocs, Spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. and found it difficult to manage version control, user access rights, and data validation. Traditional solutions to this problem have been to hire expensive consultants and programmers or to purchase an off-the-shelf solution and change company processes. Nimblex provides a third alternative by simplifying and speeding up the coding processes so that more time is spent on defining the process (typically 40%) ensuring that the solution is fit for purpose. Further the design interface allows individuals within companies to create and modify their solutions as business needs change and expand in the future.

The development team have responded to real-world issues for companies when designing their product by including advanced features. The first example is allowing temporary staff to impersonate those staff who are away while still logging activity to the correct staff member to provide a complete audit trail. A second example is completing the IRAP assessment to prove compliance to the Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Manual protocols.

The judges were impressed by the range of companies already using the solution and encourage the very energetic and inspiring Managing Director, Bert Myburgh, to seek to extend Nimblex's reach within each organisation as well as within each market sector. We felt that the product has great potential to bridge the gap between designing complex, expensive solutions and home-grown, error-prone spread-sheet solutions. We are delighted to confer the Consensus 2014 Software Award on eBMS and look forward to seeing great success from this company in the future."

The 2014 Highly Commended are:

from Risk Buster International

RiskBuster is ideally suited for IT Project Risk Assessment and Management, whilst it can also serve as a comprehensive framework for developing risk assessment knowledge base and approach for any Industry and any project type.

RiskBuster covers everything from the most complex System Integration (SI) projects to IT Infrastructure implementations and anything in between. It helps identify hidden planning errors and omissions, as well as execution mistakes and control lapses - that lead to major risks.

It also supports IT project reviews as well as IT Service Bid and Operational reviews.

Judges' Citation: "Systems integration projects continue to present the IT world with significant headaches - the success of these projects, measured by a variety of measures, is typically low. One key deficiency is advanced risk management - risk management is the process of identifying risk, assessing risk, and taking steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

The Risk Buster team have developed an advanced risk management product that represents a major step forward in the market. The highly skilled team, with many years of practical experience, have built a sophisticated risk management knowledge base, classified against a proven project management taxonomy developed at Carnegie Mellon. They have populated their knowledge base with tens of thousands of risks, representing a world leading knowledge base. This provides their clients with an unparalleled source of risk knowledge, applicable at all stages of the project lifecycle.

The cloud delivered product offers clients the elusive ability to increase their chance of success in complex system integration projects. The product is applicable to both end clients involved in major SI projects, as well as service providers.

The team demonstrated great innovation and great potential. The team now needs to deliver on this, beyond its current limited client base. The focus so far has been on building the knowledge base. With a future focus on sales and marketing and extending the product to include additional subject matter specific modules, the company is likely to see great success as it gains more clients and partners.

The judging panel offers a Commendation for the product, and wishes Risk Buster success for the future. We would be keen to re-assess the product for an award in future years as it shows increased performance."

from The Cronus Group

Cronus SmartSYS™ is a cloud based Business Reporting Analytics and Diagnostic Tool that enables Corporate Business Decision Makers to combine financial, with correlated non-financial quantitative information, from their business units with potentially different account systems in different currencies across different borders into a single system.

The software simplifies this consolidation process to create customizable reports for the business - even down to those individual business units.

Judges' Citation: "SmartSYS is a compelling and innovative new tool in the financial services sector with a focus specifically on business reporting, analytics and diagnostics. Unlike other better known products in this space this system fits into a niche where it can be implemented quickly and, due to some of the clever and intuitive user interface options, it can also become operational very quickly. This product will be a serious alternative to the industry giants in this market.

The inherent design features of both language and currency conversion at the click of a mouse provides another valuable option for the user, especially in diversified, multinational organisations.

The judges encourage the Cronus Group to concentrate on getting the SmartSYS product into the marketplace as quickly as possible where they believe it will prove its worth and where the eager user base will apply pressure for new features and options and perhaps alter the path of the product's future roadmap.

We hope to see the Cronus Group back at Consensus next year with the SmartSYS product having excelled in the market place and matured into an even more impressive service."


All Consensus Award programs are based on an open nomination process. Nominations are welcomed from individuals and organizations with experience of the product or service concerned. Before nominating a product please consider the aims of the program and the judging criteria against which the product will be measured. Self nominations welcome.

The Aims of the Awards

The Awards exist to reward excellence in Australian and New Zealand software design and to grow and strengthen software development in Australasia. Award recognition can be vital in building the credibility and exposure necessary for locally developed products to break into new markets. The Consensus Software Awards have been developed to provide this credibility by using an open and transparent judging process based on the Consensus Model.

Judging Criteria

To achieve a Consensus Software Award, the product must be Australian or New Zealand designed and developed and be judged by the invited panel of judges to be Innovative, deliver performance benefits to the user, and have further potential for product or market development. Entrants are invited to present the evidence to the judging panel first through a written and then by direct presentation. Since each product is assessed directly against the judging criteria there are no categories and the judges may recommend as many or few Awards as they deem to be worthy each year.