Consensus Software Awards Sponsors

Sponsors of Consensus Awards receive significant corporate, industry, government and general public exposure through acknowledgment in media and event signage. By being associated with our awards programs our Sponsors align themselves with identifying and honouring excellence and "best-of-breed", and assisting local developers gain the exposure they deserve.

Each of the Awards Programs runs for 12 months and provides the following benefits to Sponsors:

  • Sponsor's logo on home page of the Award with link to Sponsor's home site
  • "Sponsor" status in press releases plus "More about Sponsor"
  • Attendance at the Awards with preferential seating
  • Sponsors' signage and handouts at the Awards (eg. brochures & caps)
  • Personal introductions to all nominees, finalists and winners.
  • Database of all attendees
  • Use of photographs for own publicity

Sponsors & Program Partners :

Cliftons Alinement TiE