CSA Results 2000

In the competition year 1999/2000, five winners and seven other finalists were recognized for their contribution to Australian software design. In 1999/2000 the program was known as the Australian Designers of the World – Software Awards.

Our thanks to Senator Richard Alston for presenting the Awards. Austrade for its endorsement and the support of our media partner PCWeek and Software Engineering Australia (NSW) and ISEG Pty. Ltd. Thanks also to AMP for providing the venue for the judging.


Consensus Software Awards
winners for 1999/2000
Company Product
Disc Group of Companies WebPos
 QMS Pty. Ltd.  iKnow
Streamlink Pty. Ltd.  eProcure
Infocomp Pty. Ltd. Composer
Presence Online Pty. Ltd. aptrix




Consensus Software Awards
Other Finalists for 1999/2000
Company Product
Concord Australia Pty. Ltd. Master file
 Muli Management Pty. Ltd.  Muli Project Manager
Whitewolf Online WebsiteMAX
Mid-comp International Pty. Ltd. SF Builder
Clear Objective Pty. Ltd. Clear Enterprise