The 2020 Consensus Software Awards were assessed and judged online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Triggr was conferred a Consensus Software Award by the judges. http://www.triggr.ai

Tom Moin and Tom Rielly, developers of winning software Triggr which allows you to define events that are relevant to your sales process, be notified when they occur and spoon feed reps with relevant messaging across social, phone and email.

Triggr applies machine learning models to public data to make sense of this information and predict b2b buyer intent to improve organisational efficiency across these functions. APIs are available for integrations into CRM systems.

Judges Citation:

Triggr is seeking to transform the way sales and marketing teams generate enterprise leads by using public data and artificial intelligence to predict a client or prospect’s propensity to buy.  CRM systems hold a wealth of internal data on clients and prospects, yet public data holds the key to identifying the right person in an organisation for sales teams to target.

Triggr’s automated analysis of existing ‘ideal’ clients of an enterprise will suggest high value prospects that look similar based on data from the web.  In addition, every organisation has trigger events that signal a need, or other indicator, that will increase the success of sales activity by delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time.

The company is growing and acquiring new customers.  They’ve attracted investment from H2 Ventures and high profile individuals who view the technology as innovative, disruptive and commercially compelling.

With over 98% of the data on the internet being created in the past 2 years, Consensus Judges recognised that Triggr is in a position to benefit from that exponential growth in available data.  The ability to acquire, filter, classify, understand and apply AI to quite disparate public data sets to produce sales intelligence data and refined prospects is an outstanding compliment to any CRM system such as Salesforce.

The Judges see strong global market potential for Triggr once they fully capitalise on their positive performance in Australia. Congratulations to Tom Rielly and the Triggr team on joining an elite group of Consensus Software Award winners.

Our thanks go to the following judges and special thanks to John Katsiris who chaired the panel and managed the Zoom Conference.

Ray David Marion de Courçay
Hugh Gyton Rosemary Gillespie
John Katsiris Kim Lyle
Edward Mandla Peter Oliver
Wayne Slager Glenn Stafford
Paul Trunoff Tony Veljancevski