The Consensus Group started in 1999 with a focus of recognising excellence through a range of Awards and Recognition programs. Each program features clearly defined judging criteria, fully independent judges and Awards made on merit with results “Endorsed by Consensus”.

We are committed to supporting Australian and New Zealand innovation and enterprise and we provide a development path and the tools for growth. Consensus works with selected Sponsors and Program Partners who can provide vital support services such as legal services, intellectual property protection, venture, and equity capital raising, media and public relations, and export and overseas venture partner facilitation.

Whilst we design and develop our own Awards and Recognition programs, we also provide a service to run other industry Awards. We have the skill and expertise to design a program for a specific industry focused on excellence of customer experience. This also includes promotion, establishing judging panels, securing sponsorship, managing the awards nomination process, arranging and managing awards presentations, media, and PR, awards trophies and certificates.

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Consensus provides both consultancy and ongoing management services to government and industry associations and others who want their award and recognition program to deliver the highest quality results with the greatest organisational efficiency.

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