Lorgan comes up with a specialized team of domain consultants especially in the areas of marketing with a specialization in Customer Value Management and Customer Base Management.

Our consultants bring proper shape to your vision, strategy and roadmap to deliver value across various stages of customer lifecycle journey. Our consultants are passionate about helping you to understand and quantify where that potential value is especially in marketing space.

Create Vision

Our consultants can offer support to our customers in creating a compelling vision around the areas to focus.


Once a clear vision is set, our consultants can work with our client’s team to define a strategy that makes your vision a reality. We know what the industry benchmarks are in term of Customer Churn prevention, Net Incremental Revenue uplift by running initiatives around Product based intelligence, Customer behaviour based intelligence, Location based intelligence etc.,


We believe in balancing constraints around budgets with ambitious business growth. Keeping this in mind we develop a prioritised roadmap designed to deliver value at each key customer lifecycle stage. What sets us apart is our end to end technical delivery expertise combined with marketing domain, which ensures guaranteed results in all the areas of Real-time interactions, location based interactions, next best actions (embedded with data science) and multi-channel campaign interactions.